Bulletproofing the Posterior Chain

The posterior chain is super important for us as human beings, whether you’re an olympic athlete or everyday warrior your posterior chain plays a huge role in your strength and overall health. The posterior chain is what allows us to remain in an upright position and helped us develop from hunched over primates into the upright walkers we are today.

So what exactly is the “Posterior chain”?

The posterior chain refers to all of the muscles on the backside of the body from the head to the heels. These muscles are connected together like a “chain” of muscles. Some of the main muscles in the posterior chain are the calves, hamstrings, glutes, erectors, and lats. These muscles are important for walking, running, and jumping, as well as aiding in knee, hip and spinal stability. If you’re interested in learning more about the chains of muscles check out Anatomy Trains By Thomas W. Myers. This book has forever changed the way I view the human body.

How do you train the posterior chain?

These are my top 3 exercises to build a strong and powerful posterior chain.

  1. Glute Bridge: Glute bridges are a great overall posterior strength and power builder. There's tons of different variations that you could do for power, strength, stability. But my favorite is the good old barbell across the hips, sometimes you just can't beat old school!

  2. Nordic Ham Curls: Nordic curls are the ultimate posterior strength builder, they build strength through length. This exercise also has a huge impact on knee health, since the hamstrings cross the knee joint they affect the knee joint! Strengthening the hamstrings in a truly lengthened position is the missing link to freaky athleticism. Here's a cheap way to get started bulletproofing your knees and hamstrings today

  3. LM Coiled Reverse Lunge: Coiled reverse lunges are a new twist on an old school staple exercise; the reverse lunge. These reverse lunges utilize the “landmine” and a new methodology called “Landmine University”. This exercise mixes in coiling core principles with traditional weightlifting techniques. If you do not have a landmine available and would like to get one the TM360 Power System is a great at home alternative to buying a barbell and bumper plates for a landmine. It also breaks down into a steel club and a steel mace so it really is a great bang for your buck! Use this link to save 10% at checkout

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