Crushing Goals

Setting Goals is important especially if you want to see amazing results! Goals give you something to work towards and add internal motivation to each workout, but we can’t just pick any goals they have to be SMART goals.





Time Based

Specific: You want to lose weight; well how much weight would you like to lose? 5lbs, 10lbs, etc.?

Measurable: How can we measure your goal? Think how clothes fit, body composition, performance output, FMS score, weight on a scale, or anything else you can physically measure.

Attainable: Is your goal realistic? No you probably wont lose 50lbs in a month before spring break. However losing 5lbs and dropping a pants size or two before you go away for spring break is more reasonable.

Relevant: Pick goals that have to do with what YOU want, these are your goals no one else’s.

Time Based: No open-ended goals, if you want to lose 20lbs give yourself a reasonable time to do it in. Like I want to lose 20lbs in 3 months.

Now go through each part of the SMART scale and come up with the following goals below. Remember try and make different goals in each box because you WILL be achieving your goals!

1 Month:

3 Month:

6 Month:

1 Year:

3-5 Year:

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