Nutrition Made Simple

Life is hard enough so I like to make things as simple as possible. The easiest way I have found to make nutrition as simple as possible is really easy, EAT REAL FOOD!

Have you ever thought how your grandparents and their grandparents never went through any formal schooling on nutrition and how to eat well and somehow they made it out alive? That’s because they didn’t eat things that came in a box or a package. And they didn’t drink soda or all these fancy “natural” flavored waters. They ate food that they hunted, fished, grew and harvested themselves, Everything was homemade.

Forget about that stupid food pyramid you learned about in school times have changed and so should your eating. Now that we got that pyramid out of your head (if you even remembered it) lets talk food groups. These are my food groups I focus on in this order Meat, vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, and Seeds. Grains are optional if your body allows you to consume them with no adverse effects then carry on eating grains. For many others grains upset the stomach and cause inflammation in the GI tract, which is something you don’t want.

Now that we have our food groups lets build a plate. Always start off with a good portion (half) of meat especially those that train a lot you need flesh to build flesh not to mention flesh or animal meat is packed full of amino acids, protein, great fats, creatine if you’re consuming red meat, and many other minerals and nutrients. The other half of the plate should be filled with vegetables. Any kind you like and every color you can consume. Vegetables are a notoriously healthy food packed full of vitamins and minerals. That’s it for your plate just eat meat and vegetables super simple.

Expand your cooking abilities and learn how to use fresh (or dried) herbs and spices that way your food will not only taste delicious but now you don’t have to drown everything in condiments like ketchup or BBQ sauce which can sometimes have more calories then the meal it self.

Next up are snacks and this is where your other food groups will come into play. Nuts, seeds, and fruit are really all you need to be snacking on throughout the day if your meals didn’t fill you up. There are plenty of different nuts and seeds to choose from so find some that you like buy in bulk and make your own trail mix. My go too’s are cashews, pistachios, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds. When shopping for fruit (or vegetables) try to pick things that are in season or better yet go to a local farm stand and get the freshest food possible. Now obviously you wont have access to locally grown food all year long but do the best you can. Or even better build a vegetable garden in your backyard and there you go free fruit and vegetables all summer long!

Last but not least drinks. Ideally you shouldn’t drink anything but water but if you must drink something else try seltzer water or infuse water by letting fresh herbs and fruit soak in water overnight.

That’s pretty much it for nutrition I like to keep things simple and eat good healthy delicious food.

Now I know what your thinking and yes I didn’t mention any sweats or cheat meals as everyone likes to call them but that’s going to lead into my next rule, the 80/20 rule. The way this works is once again simple 80% of the time you should follow then plan above and eat pretty close to perfect as you can and the other 20% should be whatever the fuck you want to eat. For me that’s usually an ice cream brownie Sunday.

The 80/20 rule is not something you should only apply to nutrition but apply this to every aspect of your life and watch your life take a turn for the better. Do things that that take 20% effort that yield 80% result. Don’t waste your time doing things the other way around with 80% effort that only yield 20% result. Remember work smarter not harder.

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